In 2017 we Admitted 1258 birds with 360 relocation's 
and  648 adoptions.

103 Volunteers provided 5,307 hours of service and assistance to our staff.

Housing, feed and medical needs are supported by donations.
Please help these birds today by making a donation to ASAP or SPONSOR A Special Needs Bird residing at our Sanctuary!

Avian Sanctuary and Protection

Listen up! We need attention now!

We are an avian rescue sanctuary devoted to domestic and wild non-native birds. Re-homing, rehabilitating and education in the Salt Lake, Utah, Davis County and other areas of the Western United States for the benefit of birds conditions in urban areas. We are here for the communities well being and to promote a safe environment for our feathered friends.

                                          Love is in The Air!

ASAP Rescues, Saves and relocates hundreds of birds each year with your donations and volunteer hours.

 Last year we rescued 1276 birds with 501 adoptions and relocated 478 birds.

Please help us Adv
ocate for the Protection of Wildlife and habitat in our urban areas by Donating to The Avian Sanctuary for Environmental projects.

The Birds can't speak; if Your bird needs a feather trim, nail clipping or beak trim. Call our professionals to help at a Charitable cost!

Find Volunteer Opportunities on the Event Page.

oming Events, 


October weekend adoption events.

Ask your pet supply store when we will be there.


Avian Sanctuary is A Great Place to Find Your New Avian Friend  
Meet our Swans, Geese, Parrots and other adoptable birds 
 and help support our rescue!

Check the event page to find us in your neighborhood. 

Visit our other pages with Pict's, Info and Public dates of interaction that will intrigue you about our operations beyond Rescue & Education!

 We are a Federal 501c3 non-profit dedicated to birds in the urban environments subject to the interactive impacts cities have on wildlife and the domesticated birds that are cared for within these areas.

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A.S.A.P. bird shows+ education programs

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