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A.S.A.P. bird shows+ education programs

A volunteer is a person who willingly and without pay gives of their own time, expertise and talents. Volunteers are vital to the success of the sanctuary and are welcomed as family. Our volunteer program offers something for everyone, including the unique opportunity to work directly with our wonderful birds. The minimum requirement is 16 hours of work per month. Previous animal experience is not required and all training is done on-site. 

Junior volunteers have the opportunity to assist with daily chores in the education and animal management departments. This position allows young aspiring naturalists to be in safe proximity to the animals, while learning about conservation and animal care.  Applicants must be at least 14 years old. 

Positions Available

Naturalist - Assist the office with the presentation of education programs to help the public and the maintenance of all education animals. Help maintain exhibits and displays and answer questions from the public. This position requires the handling of animals and outdoor work. 

Animal Care Technician - Assist the staff with the husbandry and care of exotic, domestic, and amazing birds. Husbandry duties may include food preparations, cleaning facilities, assisting with animal imprinting and general maintenance. This position requires the handling of animals and outdoor work. 

Rehabilitation Technician - Assist the staff at our facility with the care, treatment, feeding, cleaning and medicating of birds undergoing rehabilitation. This position requires the handling of birds and outdoor work. 

Education Specialist - Work with the staff when doing community events. Welcome and answer questions about the birds on display. This position does not require the handling of birds but does require outdoor work. 

Clerical - Assist the staff at the sanctuary with data entry, filing, organization and other generic office work. This position does not require the handling of birds or outdoor work.​


Volunteer Program