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Wildlife report: Dec. 13’12
Received call:
Dec. 12 5:20pm about a bird being hit on the freeway by Kaysville on, I 15. Caller claimed he had the bird in the car, wrapped in a blanket. Bird was alive and not moving much and caller could not identify the bird other than a description of it is a large bird that is brown and white. Caller could not contact wildlife division or other rescue persons and our agency answered. 5:40 PM, while bird was in transit regained consciousness and started moving, caller asked advice on how to contain the bird. Our agency advised holding the feet and tucking the head and wings under one arm.

 5:47 PM, caller arrived at remote location to meet rehab personnel. Bird was immediately identified as a raptor and potentially dangerous. ASAP. Took possession to make an injury assessment and properly contain the bird.

Injury inspection; no bleeding or lacerations, no apparent broken bones, Beak and throat Look normal, cranium area did not show signs of swelling. Drooping eyes and weakness. Suspected concussion.

Bird isolated in dark containment until transport to ASAP facility.

11:30 PM, removed from containment and transferred to crate. Birds exhibited improvement in awareness and strength.

December 13:
8:30 AM, bird was move the kitchen area and again thoroughly inspected for swelling, lacerations, broken bones, or any other injury consistent with the report. No apparent injuries were noted. No food or water was given under suspicion of internal injuries.

Bird exhibit normal awareness, strength and mobility.

2 PM, bird appears recovered in moving about containment cage trying to escape.

6 PM bird appears normal and covered for the night. Appointment set for December 14 with veterinarian to assess bird for release.

December 14, 8:30 AM:
Bird was removed from containment cage and orally fed 3 ounces of hamburger.

Bird appeared normal and ready for release. Awaiting veterinary inspection to verify.

11:30 AM, bird fed two ounces of hamburger.

5 PM, veterinarian concurred birds condition was healthy and normal, and suggested feeding bird live food to verify bird could hunt and release the bird when weather conditions were stable. December 15 was not suggested as a good release date.

7 PM; acquired 2 mice at marks arc and retain until morning covered bird until evening.

December 15: 8 AM retain mice on string for bird and observed eating habits. Identifies pray.

11:30 AM; fed one ounce of hamburger orally.

6 PM covered for night

December 16: Bird exhibits on normal attributes and is scheduled for release on Legecy highway, exit four, North one-mile by bountiful pond, bird refuge.

2:45 PM; bird fed 1/2 ounce hamburger, inspected and placed on perch by bountiful pond. 2:54 PM, bird takes flight last, circles and executes landing on outbuilding in headwinds of 15 to 20 miles an hour. Observed excellent control, and landing in flight. Bird perched for 2 min., flies into head winds and heads north, gliding, exhibiting controlled flight.

Beyond pictures taken.

Conclusion, bird exhibits all-natural attributes and controls and it's been a successful release.

July 29, 2016' Brittany Williams; Car Licence # EO6 9DR is a fugitive for stealing a duck from ASAP on video survalence at the Sanctuary