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Board of Directors

Tiana Losee, Executive Director
Ms. Losee, Director of ASAP brings her skills in office administration having worked over thirty years in accounts payable, account receivable, payroll, tax preparation, stock certificate transfer, contract administration, construction cost administration, specification writing, drawing review and production, marketing and office administration. As a nature lover and bird watcher in the Salt Lake Valley, Ms. Losee has seen yellow headed and red winged black birds decline from hundreds in flocks to a few here and there, even in the marshy areas of Utah Lake and the Great Salt Lake. When bid watching in the past it was common for her to see goldeneyes, ruddy ducks, mergansers and others. She is concerned that lately, mallard ducks are the dominant fowl residing in the waterways. She is committed to supporting educational programs for preservation and restoration of bird habitat in an effort to provide an opportunity for the future of birds and other animal life.

 Richard Nowak, Assistant Director

Mr. Nowak, Chairman, Assistant Director, and Director of Operations has over 48 years of experience raising and caring for birds, including seven years with Tracy Aviary assisting in the habitat development, aviculture, management of the grounds, bird facilities, and general care and rehabilitation of varied bird species from six continents. He holds a certification to handle raptors and has extensive experience with domesticating and training numerous bird species including wild parrots for adoption. Mr. Nowak manages the day to day care and feeding of the birds housed at the Avian Sanctuary and manages the education venues. 

Nancy Dain, Medical Director,Co-founder Departed on Apr. 2nd. 2015
As Director of Veterinary Care, Ms. Dain brought over 30 years of medical expertise as a Family Nurse Practitioner. She graduated from BYU as a Registered Nurse in 1969 and obtained her FNP at University of Utah. She had owned and operated her own family practice clinic in Holladay, Utah.   We will miss her care and love of birds.........

Nancy Dain has spent a lifetime rescuing and caring for birds. She most recently was instrumental in rescuing 60 birds on foul water and gave them new homes. People know that if they have a bird in danger, wounded or unwanted they can bring the birds to her. She has been instrumental in securing feed for birds at ASAP. Ms. Dain owned a property located 918 East 4580 South in Salt Lake City where she accepted birds and provided for their needs. She has experience securing grant funding having obtained a Title 20 grant which funded the multiple sclerosis clinic at University of Utah as well as a Medical Clinic in the Bicknell Bird Refuge for undeserved area. Both clinics are still in operation.

John Nowak, Project Director
Mr. Nowak is Project Director for ASAP. His background is in the construction industry, project management and architectural design for residential and commercial design. Mr. Nowak attended the University of Utah and Salt Lake Community College in Architecture. He brings many years of experience as a manager of many different phases of construction and development projects. Mr. Nowak has a background in the preservation of wetlands in Moab. 

Nick Martinez, Foreign Relations Director
Mr. Martinez brings his background as a Transportation Specialist for the US Military, having served three tours in Iraq. He brings his vast understanding and appreciation of the environment along with his military training. Nick attended Methodist University and is experienced in Grant writing and funding.


NCIC, Notification Control Internal Committee, Tiana Losee and R. Nowak 

PIC, Public Interest Committee;
Are assembled by Patrons, Public Activist And YOU as the Body of PROTECTORS OF BIRDS.


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