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A.S.A.P. bird shows+ education programs


Live birds are present at most of the events scheduled. Bring the kids for a fun interactive encounter with our rescue birds!

Entertainment with Education! Call us to schedule a bird show or presentation for your school, library, community or senior center, retirement home or venue Today!
Call 801-688-6911 
Your Tax-deductible Donation will be Applied 100% to the care of rescue birds during This Holiday Season! 

February Events pending!

Your donations are needed to support our birds.

Events will be scheduled and announced when Utah is fully open!

 Adoption Event at Avian Sanctuary; call for details-801-688-6911




Bring your curiosity!

Thank You All,
 Your donations will continue to help us rescue and rehome abandon birds!

 Park City and the Wasatch front markets love to interact with our birds. Thank you for your support!

Varex Foundation has generously granted ASAP funding to support Education programs to low income venues.