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Canal Street Project


The Canal on 1300 West (Canal Street) between 5750 S and 5900 S is a popular stopping place for local patrons of the community to observe and feed the birds and other wildlife which reside adjacent to the North Jordan Canal and surrounding fields. This area has experienced trouble with maintenance and sanitation because of its proximity to Taylorsville and Murray, and a waterway in which disputed responsibility is assumed by the other parties.

In 2010, ASAP organized a clean-up and restoration project with the help of local Boy Scout troops and volunteers. Local residents praised our efforts which included the  installation of recycle cans and improved walkways which they were not able to acquire in years previous from any agency. Our project included repairing holes in fencing, filling wash-outs along the embankments, laying new aggregate for the walkways and posting signage directing patrons to the newly installed recycle cans.

This year we intend to address the establishment of this area in history and maintenance with Taylorsville City and responsible parties to create a regiment of care or creation of an official city park requiring regular maintenance.

  ASAP is restoring the Canal Street pull-off and areas North into a patron friendly, bird safe environment with improvements to fence lines, grasslands and access for the handicapped and children. This will include installing step-ups at the fence lines, improving walkways, Horticultural reconstruction both north and south of parking, and permanent signage of conduct (which could include names of contributors).

Jan. 27, With a donation from an Expert tree service, Arbor Works of West Valley started The Canal Street Project on Jan. 27 and did an outstanding job in removing unsightly and dead wood from the South end of the pull off where patrons park and feed the birds. Many other improvements are coming in the future. Become a sponsor for this project and if you need tree service in your yard or business go to arborworksnow.com 

Feb. 5th and 19th, ASAP and their interns and volunteers removed all of the underbrush and small trees blocking the view and damaging the fence line.

Feb. 25, Post new signs at Canal Street.

March  4, Pick up gravel from Geneva.

March 7, Pick up road base from CJ Road Base and fill holes along fence.

March 29, Install new liners & gravel for walkways, New steps, New recycle cans!

Sponsers and donors are assembled as follows;

Arbor Works                                
Geneva rock products                           
North Jordan Canal Company                                  
Losee Architects                                                     
Intermountain Farmers Association, SLC                        
Taylorsville City                                                        
Utah PaperBox Sign Company                     
CJ Road base  
Arrow Rock  & Stone                                              
Boy Scouts of America, Troop 99 & 276 
Smith's Food #066
Home Depot, SLC #4403
Allied Fence company  
Local land owners adjacent to project          
ASAP staff and volunteers

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