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Adopt a Bird


Many of the birds that call our sanctuary home are available for adoption. You adoption helps to offset the cost of care for others that we have rescued and currently reside at our facility.
This list is subject to change without notice and listed birds may not be available.

Cockatiel, Pied and golden, $65

Blue and gold macaw, $600

Cockatoos, $600

Conures, $140+

Chickens, $10

Ducks, $9-15

Geese, $20-75

Pigeons, $4-20

Peacocks, $50-70

Turkeys, Emu's, and other exotics and unique birds breeds.

Your donation help support birds awaiting new homes.
Please donate today!

 Call us any time to inquire about adopting a bird that will enhance your apreciation for animals and the natural environment. 801-688-6 "911"