We believe in raising avian awareness and helping people understand how to coexist with their natural environment. We wish our birds cold speak to you themselves of their plight in the wild: of struggling to exist alongside cities with glass office building in their migratory path, of running into cars unexpectedly, of losing their hunting lands to subdivisions, of being misunderstood and shot at, and of extreme weather conditions. However since they can't, we have made it our ambition to do just that.

The Avian Sanctuary and Protection Agency is a Utah State and Federal non-profit 501(c) 3 organization that will focus on the two pronged mission of rehabilitation of local birds as well as educational programs within the community. 

Depending on the speed of development of our care facility, we hope to be open to the public in 2018, offering both on-site and outreach programs.  Ideally we will provide nature education along with domestic bird education to offer diverse program topics and make the most of our facilities and staff.

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