Avian Sanctuary and Protection rescued more than 275 birds in 2013, this year we look foward to helping as many as needed.

 Housing, feed and medical needs are supported by donations.
Please help these birds today by making a donation to ASAP or SPONSOR A Special Needs Bird residing at our Sanctuary!
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We are an avian rescue sanctuary devoted to domestic and wild birds. Rehoming, rehabilitating and education in the greater Salt Lake City area for the benefit of birds conditions in urban areas. We are here for the communities well being and to promote a safe environment for our feathered friends.

More than 260 birds have been admitted into our sanctuary this year. Please consider donating to support our efforts to give medical attention and new homes to our birds!

Find Volunteer Opportunities on the Event Page.
Upcoming Events, 

SHEPARD Your Environment,
The SugarHouse Environment Project And ReDevopment is
Now taking volunteers for this summer!
Come to the Park on Sept 13th at 11am.

Sept. 14, Bird Show in Sugar House Park, Free
Food & Fun at 3:pm until 6
Fabion Pavillion.

Visit our other pages with Picts, Info and Public dates of interaction that will intrigue you about our operations beyond Rescue & Education

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 We are a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to birds in the urban environments subject to the interactive impacts cities have on wildlife and the domesticated birds that are cared for within these areas.
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